Digital Radiography in veterinary practice: CR and DR X-ray technology

Did you know there are different types of X-ray systems available for veterinary practice?  Do you know which type is best for you?

Digital radiography plays a key role in veterinary practice, providing a diagnostic imaging tool to help aid diagnosis and treatment of a range of patients. There are different types of X-ray technology that can be used and you may have heard the following terms during your time in practice: CR and DR (or DDR) technology. But, do you know the difference between the different types of X-ray systems and the benefits that they bring? If not, we are here to help! 

What is Digital Radiography/ X-ray? 

Digital X-ray involves capturing X-ray exposures electronically and processing them into a digital signal that creates an X-ray image that can be displayed and viewed on a "viewing device" - normally a computer screen.  This image can be created in different ways by using either a CR, CCD or DR X-ray system. 

CR X-ray technology revolutionised veterinary radiography as practices moved away from traditional wet processing of images. CR X-ray systems required films within cassettes that would capture the X-ray exposures, which were then passed through a  normally large processor to create the X-ray image on screen. The introduction of the latest innovation in X-ray technology , DR X-ray,  provides even further benefits to busy veterinary practices through reducing the time required to take and process X-rays. With this type of radiography system , X-ray images appear almost instantly on screen, allowing you to take your next view quickly.  Contributing to faster acquisition of complete X-ray sets, DR X-ray technology saves valuable time in practice and helps practices run more efficiently. 

Want to know more?  We have created a handy FREE guide to CR and DR X-ray technology for  veterinary practice. This  explains both CR and DR X-ray in more details and their benefits for veterinary practice. 

 image of  veterinary digital X-ray systems guide

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