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At the end of 2017, two of Europe’s most successful veterinary imaging companies joined forces. They are now set to deliver complete animal imaging solutions across the world.

BCF Technology and ECM (Echo Control Medical) have merged to form a new imaging division within the IMV Technologies group. From today, 9th May 2018, BCF Technology and ECM brand names will officially come together to form IMV imaging.

IMV Technologies, have been a leader at the forefront of innovations in animal artificial insemination and embryo transfer for over 50 years, with operations in more than 130 countries and established subsidiaries in the USA, India, China, Italy and the Netherlands.

Together, with over 500 employees, these innovative and progressive businesses are better positioned to provide complete animal imaging solutions to our customers by bringing together their respective values, visions and resources, to deliver the best quality ultrasound, X-ray and three-dimensional veterinary specific imaging equipment.

Both BCF and ECM have successfully built their brands, customer relationships and reputation over the past 35 years, supporting veterinarians technically and clinically to improve animal care worldwide. The current directors and senior management team will lead the company as IMV imaging and continue to deliver and invest in the values of partnership, learning and innovation.

A key focus for the future is the company vision: 

  • To be the world leader in the invention, development and provision of animal diagnostic imaging equipment.
  • To build a team of world-class experts and maintain an inspiring working environment in which they can excel.
  • To deliver technology that really makes a difference in animal care.


Alan Picken, CEO of IMV imaging comments: 

" The merger and creation of IMV imaging is a very exciting development for our companies. Building on our strong legacy, it allows us to deliver a wider portfolio of products and services to our customers worldwide and ultimately to deliver improved animal care.”


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